About Us

Bubble Buyer is a family run company that was formed with the idea that one company can be more and not be restricted. It can offer products from all types of industries, it can offer more customer service, more hands on with its client during the purchasing process, and generally go that extra, extra mile for its clients.

“rule no 1. Never lose money; rule no2: don’t forget rule no1”


Our Experience

The owners of Bubble Buyer have been in the wholesale business for nearly 20 years and through the years have gained much knowledge and experience, along with a huge database of tried and tested contacts. These things put together means Bubble Buyer can bring a complete package for its clients.
Bubble Buyer is a company that has been set up by professionals with many years’ experience to make sure that its clients are well protected and secure but at the same time able to receive good prices, good products, paid for quickly and delivered fast, so make it your next step and give Bubble Buyer a call and sky’s the limit!


Bubble Buyer can offer great banking facilities enabling the company to act quickly and decisively while carrying out transactions. The banking network with Bubble Buyer is very extensive which means no country is too far to do business with, from China, to India across Europe to the Americas we are strong.

Fast and Secure Shipping

Transport and Warehousing is an area that Bubble Buyer is immensely proud of, we are able to offer affordable shipping while being very fast, secure and efficient. It has good links with all the major companies across the world and can pass this extensive network on to its clients.

Account Manager for New Clients

A new client contacting Bubble Buyer for the first time will be overly impressed as they are assigned their own account manager to make sure all their needs and requirements are constantly met and continues well after the sale!